From my humble beginnings back in NZ my love of music had always been strong. Unlike most Kiwi’s my singing and instrument playing was non-existent. As a teenage in the early 80’s I went through the transition from vinyl to CD paying $42.99 for my 1st CD (Black Box – Right on Time) was the norm, OUCH!! My, my how times have changed.

Having continued collecting music right the 80’s & 90’s making many a mix-tape for friends and family I was asked to bring my CD’s along to a house party… and that’s were it all began. I put myself through a DJ school course on the Gold Coast and started djing up there until I moved to Geelong in 2002.

I’ve been DJing for 16 years now and have a huge selection of music that would cater for most weddings. I’m professional in my approach to DJing and its my motto if someone request a song and I have it, PLAY IT!! I DJ a lot of weddings in and around Geelong, with most of my work coming from referrals rather than advertising.

Weddings are a celebration of family & friends of all different ages. I pride myself on playing music that all ages can identify with and dance to thus making everyone feel included on your special day.

I like to get together with you both for about 1/2 hr just to run through the nights proceedings plus discuss music to be played or not played:) I’ve attached my running sheet template just to give you a few things to think about between now and the BIG day regardless of who you decide on to provide your music\entertainment.

I do not require a booking fee.

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